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Testimonials From Over 100 Satisfied and Trusted Clients and Experts

Oil and Gas Auditor Testimonials

"As a business person and mineral owner in North Dakota- from both a professional and personal opinion- it is easy for me to proclaim and validate that Bob Malone and Malone Petroleum Consulting out of Houston, Texas may not only be the best Oil & Gas forensic accountant and auditor in the United States, but in my opinion, would arguably be among the Top #3 in the entire industry category of oil & gas auditors in the entire World.

Over the course of several months of vetting and interviews with various industry audit professionals regarding highly complex and sophisticated data sets spanning many years, several companies, and extremely dishonest industry practices to contend with regarding millions of dollars being at stake- Bob Malone's experience and credentials stood out far and wide among all contenders we researched throughout the United States. Simply put: We wanted the best and he over delivered - plain & simple. In regards to a highly visible and a very valuable oil & gas mineral rights dispute in North Dakota that has precedent setting implications, we were very fortunate to find Bob Malone as he helped guide us over several years so we understood the complex nature of the industry, made sound decisions, calculated every risk and data set we asked him about as it related to financials and moving forward strategy. Ultimately Bob provided wisdom genius insight and recommendations all along the way in all of our conversations, negotiations and analysis and we won just from the standpoint of making the initial right decision when choosing the worlds best auditor - all of which was accompanied by his remarkably brilliant insight and knowledge. We are forever indebted to Bob Malone's professionalism and service - THANK YOU a million times over Bob, you're the BEST!"

Jim Starr - Mineral Owner: Watford City, North Dakota
GEM Razorback, LLC

"I nearly lost my business. When a contracted company was suspected of breaches and financial violations, I reached out to Bob to assist in investigating. He played a pivotal role in helping my company find resolution to the situation. Without Bob Malone’s expert knowledge and passion to help, I would have certainly lost everything. I recommend hiring Bob as part of your team before entering contracts. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Five out of five stars!"

Todd B. - Scepter

"The guys at Malone Petroleum Consulting are great people to work with. Bob is an outstanding person who makes getting the job done right a priority.

They are very responsive, easy to talk to and bring a great energy into the workplace. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for their services."

Andre Reed

"Thanks Bob for helping me to get my ducks in a row! You helped me more in two days than my attorneys have helped me in two years. I really appreciate your help."

Royalty owner

"I admire you greatly and in many respects. It doesn't take long to call role in your class. I would recommend you anytime without hesitation. Personally and professionally your integrity is peerless. You may be the most wise person I've known, and certainly the most gracious. I’m an expert in my field and fully know you are the virtuoso of dispute negotiation."

Mike T. McClure

"As the co-owner of an oil company valued over one billion dollars, my search for the best expert resulted in a call to Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting. Bob Malone very much enjoyed my call since he said that our company’s CFO had also done a separate search the week before and had already called him. Our very wise decision to use Bob Malone was validated and documented with a value of almost $300,000,000 which will continue to multiply and is probably close to a world’s record. In addition to his great achievement, he is 100% trustworthy and always tried to personally help all of our employees, including myself, to have a better life."

"To anyone seeking expert and accurate accounting services, particularly in the petroleum industry, I can whole heartedly recommend Bob Malone. I worked with him over a period of several years in a very complicated and multi-state law suit involving complicated litigation. His work product was of the highest order. His ability to simplify very complicated transactions was most helpful."

H. Trattner
Attorney at Law

"I contacted bob malone of malone petroleum consulting after production from an oil well I had invested in went south. I was looking for help to audit this well and to determine if there had been any negligence or foul play involved. he not only agreed to review the terms of the contract, but the log files as well without requiring a payment. That was completely unexpected and very generous. After reviewing the data, he advised me not to waste any more money by performing an audit due to the terms of the very unusual contract - even though he would have received money for it. That's the kind of high-integrity bob has - I highly recommend him!"

Wayne s.

"In the past years, Bob Malone has been an oil and gas consultant who worked directly with our firm to make large, innovative profits for our mutual client.

Bob has a very positive attitude and quality about him which makes it very easy to work with him here at our company. He has a glowing personality that brightens our day and makes me always glad to see him heading my way."

Linda Woodward
KN Energy, Denver

"A friend of mine was involved in just such a case which was very large and complicated. When I voiced my concerns over my situation which was ongoing, he recommended Bob Malone as an auditor who had done the work on his case that worked out well for the investors.

When I asked Mr. Malone to come to my office, he mentioned during our meeting and conversation that he was going to write a book on over 6,000 ways to cheat in operations. I sincerely hope he follows through with his book, as it is sorely needed by oil and gas auditors and their investors."

6575 West Loop South
Suite 499
Bellaire, Texas 77401-3521 USA

"I have been using the services of Robert P. Malone for approximately 15 years. He is a completely committed individual with a strong sense of integrity and high values. I highly recommend his services which have been a tremendous resource personally for me as well as my company. I will continue to have him at the top of my recommended list!"

James Shows
Controller, Miller Energy

"If Bob Malone's technical expertise and his keen eye for spotting exceptions were the only measure, he would undoubtedly be ranked among the best in the business. However, his greatest attribute may be his unswerving loyalty, to friend and client alike. The combination, particularly in this business, is valuable beyond measure. If you have any questions regarding the above wholehearted recommendation, please do not hesitate to call."

Randolph L. Marsh
Independent Oil & Gas Attorney

"I have known Bob Malone for many years and have had the pleasure to work with him on several occasions. His work has always been thorough, accurate and timely and I consider his services to be invaluable. Whenever joint interest audit services are needed, I know I can count on Bob to do a great job."

Jerry Garrett
Controller for Ted Collins, Jr.

"My name is Vlad Levitsky and I am a highly-experienced, purchasing agent for world-wide clients who wish to have a trusted purchaser here in the USA. I am able to supply superior services to significantly help my client, for example, I did an exhaustive research and selected a highly recognized expert, Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting, who was of the highest quality that I expect for the benefit of my clients. Bob Malone was able to identify $202,466,440 in overcharges made to my client - that is over 202 million!! In this manner, I have help to pay for my services to my client for hundreds of years."

Vlad Levitsky
President, Intercontact Corp.

"I have been very pleased with all aspects of the work of Robert P. Malone and Malone Petroleum Consulting. He is willing to carry out all responsibilities. Additionally, Bob is very cost conscious so that expenses have never exceeded claims. Our ration of expenses to claims have ranged from 4 - 20%. I consider this to be quite excellent. It is therefore without hesitation that I personally recommend him as an auditor and consultant."

Jerry Haecker
Manager Internal Audit, Gulf Energy Development Corporation

"Your experience and knowledge of the industry is exceptional and your knowledge of the application of COPAS guidelines in the oil patch is superb. You and your group have been able to take complex-incomplete data and build a useable data base that has allowed us, for the first time, to analyze our expenditures. Not only did we get a very complete audit, you helped us with the tools to manage our business in the future. Thanks again for all of your help."

Betty Dieter
President, Amadeus Petroleum Inc.

"I would like to thank you for the job that you and your staff did in auditing the company that we had working interest. I was very pleased with the details of your analysis and your professionalism in dealing with the operator. You're a great watch dog and somebody that every minority working interest owner needs to have watching out for their investment!"

"Thanks and keep up the hard work."


"Bob Malone has a unique street-smart approach to business which is packed with experience and wisdom and I highly recommend his services to any potential client or organization looking for a competitive edge!!"

Don Kirkpatrick
President, Creative Circle

"I have known Robert Malone for over 35 years and can attest to his perseverance, preciseness, professionalism and attention to detail."

Daniel Nelis

"For over 20 years I have known Robert Malone who has always been there for me and always will be there when I need him. Bob becomes part of the client and works completely with understanding and sense that management really needs if they wish to survive in today's world. More than once, he has saved my company from an impending disaster, i.e. cash flow and legal assistance. Also, I consider Robert Malone to be about the world's greatest auditor or the world' best auditor since he has completely proven to be fully familiar with all of the necessary aspects to get the job done especially when it relates to the more complicated items to name a very few: COPAS accounting procedure or the COPAS accounting agreement, Joint Audit Data Exchange (JADE), gas balancing audits, bit reconciliation, overhead reconciliation, tubular reconciliation, AAPL form 610, and the 24 months limit."

Roland Liberda
President, El Toro Petroleum Corp.

"I have used Bob Malone for severance tax, joint interest audit, joint interest revenue and for acquisition due diligence matters off and on over a period of over 20 years. He has always done his work accurately, professionally, on schedule and on budget. He is very knowledgeable about his profession and I have recommended him to a number of associates and have always had good reports. Bob is always the first I call for new audit projects and always the first I recommend to others."

Rick Riseden
CEO, Riseden Engineering Services, LLC

"It is very rare that I give any type of reference or testimonial; however, I was highly impressed with your consulting professionalism, willingness to extend yourself in order to help us to succeed, your knowledge of the oil and gas business and your grasp of the oil and gas laws as it applies in Louisiana. Therefore, it is a genuine pleasure to give you the highest recommendation possible from both my company and First Bank and Trust. Bob Malone we sincerely thank you and your people for a job well done."

Wayne G. Zeringue
President, Seven Resources

"Your work for us during the past seven years has been outstanding. We will continue to use your services and will recommend you to our business associates. Thank you very much for all of your invaluable advice. We found your advanced strategic thinking to be helpful and stimulating and have been able to integrate nearly all of your suggestions. I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to meet you and develop both a business and personal relationship which already has been highly beneficial to all of us. We very much look forward to doing more informative and profitable business with you in the future."

Maurice Dubois

"Bob Malone quickly recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our company. I consider him one of the best and most creative joint venture auditors and therefore highly recommend his services."

Larry W. Monzingo
Audit Supervisor, Getty Oil

"With my 20+ years experience as a successful joint venture auditor, I consider Bob Malone to be one of the most truly qualified competitors in the business."

Charles Patterson
Joint Venture Auditor

"Bob Malone and his auditing company, Malone Petroleum Consulting, literally saved me and my company. This very difficult task was accomplished by conducting an extremely innovative audit. This audit was performed very professionally by using a wealth of experience, common sense, logic and mind-boggling innovation. Malone Petroleum Consulting had what I considered to be an impossible task to perform for my company. This task was performed with blinding speed and accuracy."

Earl Jenevein

"The services you provide are superior."

Tim Daily
Controller, Integrated Energy

"Bob Malone is one of the most considerate persons I have ever met. I shared an office in his building where he was instrumental in helping me through grad school, obtaining my master’s degree. For example, I was out of the office for a week and when I came back, Bob had installed a complete computer system and printer for me for free. It was purely just another one of his many gestures of kindness on his part."

Dan Grieco, BBA, MLA

"I’ve known and I have closely observed Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting for 15 years. He has never lied to me in all these years and has always treated me and others with the highest respect. He has been a mentor to me and I always know he is there for me when I might need him. I find it intriguing that one of his key interests is the never-ending challenge of gaining wisdom; therefore, I will provide some of this wisdom that he has shared with me below and I will probably add more later.

1) When Bobby Malone was in the business as a paper boy in grade school, he asked Mr. George Riser who was a local businessman, “What is the greatest gem of wisdom that you can pass on to me as a little kid?” Mr. Riser’s reply was, “Make certain that you have no lost opportunities.”
2) You never have stress – that is something you accept and put on yourself.
3) If you have a choice of a destination and companionship, go where you are celebrated! 4) Sidestep whiners, complainers, critics and naysayers; they try to bring others down to their level.
5) Always follow the better skier.
6) The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians holds that "When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount."
7) Do NOT pass on gossip – instead, verify it!
8) Getting thrown from your horse in life is a given. Getting up; dusting yourself off; and climbing back on, is a choice.

These are but just a few of the simple but powerful philosophies that Bob Malone lives by and implements in his business, which is why Malone Petroleum Consulting has grown into the trustworthy, tireless organization that has no frills and simply gets results."

Anthony June
Professional Graphics Designer and Artist

"Bob Malone worked directly for me as an employee at Transco in the 1970's. He was one of the best auditors I ever had."

Jim Daniel

"This is a recommendation for Robert P. Malone concerning Joint Venture Audit services. I have been very pleased with all aspects of his work, including planning, scheduling, audit techniques, work papers, clear cut exceptions and reports. His audit recoveries have always greatly exceeded any audit costs; exceptions granted by the operators to our company have been over 90%. In addition, he remains active in the Petroleum Accountants Society of Houston: He was the Audit Committee Chairman for two years, where he caused the Audit Committee to write the bulletin on revenue as a COPAS bulletin; he currently serves on the Joint Interest Committee, where he recently participated in making improvements and rewriting the new COPAS Accounting Procedure. His resulting, in-depth understanding of COPAS is very necessary and advantageous for our type of work. This background and recent assisting major oil and gas companies is establishing him as a respected leader in the field of Joint Venture Auditing. It is therefore without hesitation that I personally recommend him as an auditor and consultant as well as recommend his professional services."

Tom D. Ellison
Manager - J/V Audits, Texas Gas Exploration Corporation

"As far as ethics and honesty, I personally saw Bob Malone pay almost one million dollars to a client based on an old verbal agreement when he could have easily kept all the money."

Robert A. Giroir
Independent Consultant

"Earlier this year, Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting gave us some excellent advice and help regarding accounting procedures for a well drilled pursuant to a Pooling Order before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. We certainly appreciate his input and advice in our efforts to resolve this unfortunate situation.

As a matter of good will, we are initiating and including in our testimonial some valuable information for those who might be forced pooled in the future. Anyone having any corrections or additional advice is more than welcome to contact Bob Malone should you have been faced with the same situation.

Our company was forced pooled in a section wherein the operator acquired a larger leasehold position. We were unable to negotiate a Joint Operating Agreement and consequently the well was drilled pursuant to the Pooling Order. Unfortunately, Pooling Orders do not include a COPAS accounting agreement resulting in no audit rights. However, we were entitled to file for a Motion to Determine Costs with the Commission.

We paid the operator in advance for the estimated AFE costs through completion. The well resulted in a dry hole and the charges did not appear to be reasonable, in fact the full AFE cost through completion was spent by the operator as reflected in the JIB's. Bob Malone recommended we ask the operator to furnish us an Excel database of all the charges and reconcile the charges to our monthly joint interest billings; ask for questionable invoice copies and review them. We did just that and received the information from the operator. We requested explanations and copies of invoices and credits to our account and in most instances received what we requested; however, many of the charges were still questionable. Although we received credits on our JIB, when requested, we were never able to completely resolve all issues with the Operator.

Finally, even though we had hired an attorney and filed the motion with the Commission, after many months of delays, we felt like we were fighting an uphill battle and dropped the case. Our attorney advised us that many operators have taken the effort, time and money to establish influence with the Commission. It is not impossible to win, but you must remember that the burden of proof is on you, the non-operator.

We certainly appreciate Mr. Malone's input and again want to thank him for his time and efforts on our behalf."

Pat Chesnut
Land Manager, Kenneth W. Cory, LTD.

"Robert Malone leaps tall buildings!"

J. R. Ashley

"I appreciate the work that you did on this quality product for COPAS."

J.C. Hardcastle
COPAS President

"Bob's recommendations make money."

Richard Friant
Cabot Petroleum

"We are grateful to you for the exceptional work you have performed for us this past year. You have more than earned all future audit work from us."

Charles H. Wilkinson, Jr.
President, River Production Company, Inc.

"Robert Malone is a professional expert who is unswerving, responsive, and painstakingly conscientious about the quality of service and work he provides which I found to be exemplary. Without hesitation, I consider this gentleman to be the best auditor in the world."

Jerry Wolff

"I have been in the business for over 30 years and I can say without hesitation, there is no question about it, Robert Malone is known as the auditor's auditor. He is a creative fountain of genius who is called in after the others have failed. There are record larger findings that Bob does not talk about due to the Naysayers. Smaller unmentioned recoveries are for two items for: $32,000,000 and $39,000,000."

Lee Perry
Lee Perry and Associates

"I have worked professionally with this resourceful expert for over 25 years. It truly has been a pleasure to work with someone who is a master of his trade."

Tamara Stiles
President, TGB Inc.

"I wish to emphatically state when I was brought in to take over as the President of Aures Energy the problems were over-whelming at times, but with the help of individuals like Bob Malone and his people he was able to bring clarity and consul for us to turn into a profitable company."

Larry West
President, Aures Energy LLC

"I am very pleased to say that the gentlemen at Malone Petroleum Consulting have proven to be outstanding, a resounding success and one of my best profit centers. Bob is a genius; he and his associates are extremely brilliant especially when it comes to obtaining results."

W. D. (Dale) Culwell

"By utilizing consultants, several companies, including ours, have recovered thousands of dollars. In many instances, this cash could have saved the company. Cash is king and efforts should be concentrated to maximize these recoveries."

Bob Adams
Helvec Energy Corp.

"We have been friends for over 30 years. Thank you for the treasure you have given me; it will remain in my family forever."

Michael T. Halbouty

"It was such a pleasure to meet you after all these years of working with you over the telephone. It is so nice to encounter someone of your professionalism and ethics in the relationship we have shared over the audits you have performed for our company. You have always been fair and above board to both us and the operators that were being audited. If feel you not only have saved us thousands of dollars for our investors. I look forward to a continuing relationship and hope that we can send you business in the future to make your business as successful as possible. Again, thanks for such dedication and devotion. Your work is appreciated beyond words."

Cynthia P. Bowman

(Note: When I first saw this charming lady, she threw her arms around me and hugged me. Then she said, "So, you're the one that's been making us all this money! I'm so glad to meet you!

"In response to your letter, we are granting all your exceptions to your client. Original credit memos for a 100% recovery will be mailed with our joint interest statements."

American Petrofina

"In one word: Excellent"

Barry Robbins

"It’s not an easy task for a Canadian E&P company to find a good US-based auditor. It is very important to our company to have the best professional expertise and performance. We have high expectations for those we know will knowingly contribute to our bottom line for our valued shareholders. Mr. Malone exceeded all expectations. His efficiency, commitment to excellence and knowledge of the business are very impressive.

Thank you for the job well done!"

Eduard Epshtein, C.A. Chief Financial Officer Canada
Energy Partners Inc. (TSX-V: CE)

"This letter is to confirm that our company will be issuing 100% of the credits you have requested in your audit report."

Mark A. Leonard
Joint Venture / Property Manager

"The good consultants are independent. They tell you what you should know, not what they think you want to hear."

Mark McCormack

"I have known, worked with on audits, and conferred with Bob Malone about various issues in oil and gas joint ventures for approximately ten years. He has tremendous knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry and utilizes it to his client's benefit."

Frank D. Deweese

"In order to avoid a potential loss, I brought in Bob Malone and his fantastic consultants.

They saved both me and my company. I consider Bob Malone to be the world's best consultant and joint interest auditor."

Cliff Atkinson

"I'm a neighbor down the hall in the same building where Malone Petroleum Consulting has their offices; therefore, I consider my testimonial to be very significant since we see their activities on a daily basis. Bob has been in this building longer than any other tenant; he is the first person to arrive at the building in the morning and the last person to leave the building in the evening - he also works many hours on the week end. From what I've personally seen, Bob Malone dedicates his life to the sole benefit of his clients as one of the hardest working individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Also, I very much consider it very important to note that Bob Malone always treats the people who work with him with the utmost professional respect and kindness. More than anything else, Bob has an absolute positive attitude for any challenge - so much that this testimonial cannot begin to say enough good about this gentleman."

President, AMG

"I have known Bob Malone and Malone Petroleum Consulting professionally for almost 15 years. During that time, he has performed reviews at my company. Bob is very professional and has an excellent "bed side manner" while making money that benefits everyone including the Operator as well. Also, I have known Bob professionally in the COPAS organization here in Houston where he has been very active as the Chairman of various committees."

Wil Baumann
Vice President, LB Simmons Energy

"Malone Petroleum Consulting, came to us highly recommended by one of his stalwart competitors. Malone found big exceptions that had been totally missed by one of the Big 4 accounting firms and also Malone provided us a fantastic database that expedited our audit and facilitated the writing of exceptions for our very complicated and sensitive litigation."

Kevin McCormick
VP & CFO, Warren E&P, Inc.

"I have known Bob Malone for many years and have recommended him numerous times in the past and will continue recommending his services. We have been involved in financially sensitive situations and his ability to understand human nature and to maintain a professional demeanor is quite admirable. Most recently, I have had the pleasure to work with Bob on due diligence project in California for potential investors. Bob's understanding of the facts, together with his auditing and due diligence skills and his capacity to identify problems areas makes him a great mentor in the oil and gas industry. I have never known Bob to do anything lacking the highest levels of morals, integrity and ethics, and I recommend him in your situation. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization."

Barry Cohen
President, Woodlands Capital Partners

"Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum is the source that other consultants turn to for advice and assistance; he is the best choice when other consultants fail. In the world of joint interest auditing, there are very few legends. Bob has a talent of making things clear and simple. He is a great ambassador who contributes brilliantly, delivers on time and always provides quality and value."

Rob Ogletree
President, Dakax Consulting

"Bob Malone, Malone Petroleum Consulting: Bob, we have not done any work with you in a while since we wanted to experiment with some of the other, so-called, “best joint interest auditors in the business” and it has quickly become very obvious that you are the best choice; so, we would like for you to do some more work for us."

Ron Cox
V. P. Finance, Greenbrier

"Mr. Malone and Malone Petroleum Consulting conducted an expense audit regarding working interest in over 200 wells covering a time frame of several years. The volume of data was therefore considerable. I was extremely impressed with Mr. Malone's ability to organize and sort through the data and thereby locate and catalog over 1,000 exceptions to the operating agreements."

Hart Simpson
Charis Energy, Inc.

"Malone Petroleum Consulting helped my company discover over $300,000 in wrongful charges by an operator of some of our wells. Malone is professional and result oriented. We intend to use them for future audits."

An independent oilman in Houston

"We were satisfyingly challenged by Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting during the 1980’s that he could make our company a lot of money. He did it quickly, easily and totally professionally. We were totally stunned what this gentleman easily did for our company. We appreciated that he was highly sensitive to the importance of these matters to our company and was highly responsive to our important management’s needs. Since he was so successful, we also asked him to do joint interest audits for the company - he basically did the impossible for us. We could quickly see why he was known as a COPAS guru and one of the best joint venture auditor / joint interest auditor in the business of doing joint venture auditing."

Hughie Dale
Getty Oil

"I have known Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting for about ten years and have known him to always be very helpful & extremely knowledgeable."

Benny Risner
US Operations Manager, Austral Tex

"Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting for the last ten years has always been there for us any time at all when we needed his help!! In summary, he is just a great guy. We have greatly appreciated all his many efforts throughout the many years of our enjoyable association."

Jan Kinion
Risner Insurance Agency

"Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting, In my opinion you did an excellent job representing our interest and if anything ever happens in the future I would certainly call upon you and no one else! Thank you very much!"

Adrain Boudreaux

"I have been in charge of joint interest audits for a major oil company and am listed as "Honorary" in the COPAS Houston PASH directory. I was on the joint interest committee for many years with Bob and have known Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting for almost 30 years, and therefore, can easily attest to his highly-experienced and knowledgeable expertise."

Robert E. DeBoard

"I have been an accountant and an in-house guru helping my fellow workers to actively expand their knowledge and productivity for years and have been fortunate to have worked with and learned from several, extremely-sharp, consulting gurus. I can say without a doubt that Robert Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting is one of the most and more knowledgeable consultants I have ever had the chance or pleasure to work with in my career. He is more than willing to both teach and continue to exponentially learn while giving you an absolute comfort and progress during the entire process. Robert has aided in many beneficial decisions, always, without a doubt in the best interest of our very large and complicated company. He is a great person to have around and would be a very valuable asset to any company who might need his help and sage advice. In my personal and professional opinion, you can never go wrong with this gentleman at your side who will faithfully stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you plan and work towards your bright future. I plan to stay in contact with him for life since he will, without a doubt, substantially increase my knowledge, value and my wealth."


"Bob Malone and his company, Malone Petroleum Consulting, came highly recommended to us. They expertly provided us almost impossible help in a very complicated lawsuit involving: a well payout with before and after payouts, a lost well, a lost sidetrack well, and separate bottom hole locations to legally recover money for us where we had been continually and wrongfully overcharged by an aggressive operator. In fact, he was also able to get us credit for the charges to an entire well. Obviously, it is without reservation that I highly recommend their very professional services for any non-operator, investor or any attorney requiring many years of expertise in the oil and gas industry."

Harry J. Schulz, Jr.
Attorney At Law

"I sincerely appreciate your help with preserving our critical audit rights! Your very valuable time given to us on very short notice was very much appreciated. A lot of people do not realize the absolute power of the 24 months limitation and should give a lot of thought prior to allowing it to contractually expire."

Rebecca McDuffee
Oil and Gas Controller

"Throughout life we walk many paths and meet many great people and experience many wonderful things. Bob Malone is one of those great people. I have known Bob Malone for 15+ years. His honesty and integrity surpasses anyone I know and he is the most dedicated workers I have ever met. His communication skills are outstanding and he is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

He believes that one should not strive to impress others. Instead strive to impress yourself and be the person you were meant to be; everything else will fall in line and everyone else will follow.

Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum who has an impeccable reputation has the sole rights to the easily recognizable and distinguished Texas license plate “COPAS” as is even known as MR. COPAS; I am impressed that he has even has received correspondence from Great Britain government addressing him as MR. COPAS.

Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting is truly an inspiration to everyone.

You have my very best regards and wishes!"

Jeannette Montecalvo

"Bob Malone is cooperative, dependable and is respected for his initiative and reliable decisions. He is constantly searching for ways to improve his knowledge and skills. Mr. Malone would be a credit to any organization."

Edward F. Gartland
Assistant Controller, Midwest Oil Corporation

"I am pleased with Bob Malone's ability to obtain maximum results. He reported directly to the Vice President of Finance and Administration and me. He is constructive, efficient and readily accepted. His coordination of special projects is accurate as well as timely."

R. L. Billings
Chief Operating Officer, Home Petroleum Corporation

"Through one's life, you meet people along the way who influence you and have a positive impact on your challenges and views in life, especially when one is young. Bob Malone is definitely one of these people who had an important influence in my life as a young professional embarking in life's journey. He is a person possessing many great virtues and qualities which have validated my own beliefs and growth as a person with value, with examples being: honesty and integrity first, commitment and focus, work ethic, analytical abilities, understanding, experience and intelligence and wisdom which I've witnessed, observed and appreciated in my daily association for years with Bob Malone. These valuable qualities have made me envision him as a mentor and I am very grateful to have met and associated with a great human being like Bob. Thank you for sharing your valuable time and wisdom with me."

Reynaldo Campa

"From a professional side, I always want my clients to be satisfied with my work; that way they are happy and I am happy with my family. It has been a great pleasure to have you as a friend and I look forward to our working together on some Africa jobs when you are not so booked up with work."

Naim Kaabi
Tunisia, Africa

"As an office mate, I have the privilege of knowing and seeing Bob Malone almost on a daily basis for the past 11 years, Bob radiates energy, integrity, knowledge and keen sense of goodwill."

Insurance Consultant - Real Estate Broker

"I work in the same building as Malone Petroleum Consulting and our office is next to Bob's office. Bob is one of the most hard-working persons I have ever seen. He works very long hours and he always gives first preference to the utmost satisfaction of his clients. Bob is a true inspiration for me. He has a very positive attitude towards his work and the best thing that I like about Bob is a beautiful smile on his face all the time that cheers us and inspires us to follow his footsteps."

Sanjay Bhatia
Logiship Services Inc

"I had the opportunity to work directly with Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting and actually observe him in action. The project proceeded quickly as follows: 1) I was scheduled to work with him since it was such a very big job and we would be reviewing a lot of expenditures, over $60,000,000. 2) On location within only one hour, Bob said he was done and felt very comfortable with the 1st phase overall review. 3) By the end of the 1st day, Bob said he was done with the 2nd phase and had a significant understanding of all the charges and potential findings and we could even head home if a hurricane happened to interrupt our work. 4) After weeks of the customary hard work of combing through thousands of documentation and discovering the additional report items, he really became very excited since he had discovered a valuable item that involved considerable sums of monies, past, present and future for his clients. His report proved him to be right on target!"


"I’ve been doing business with Bob Malone and Malone Petroleum Consulting for almost 20 years where he has been in the same office building. Bob and I have always done oral contracts and transactions which always have been completed with lightening speed, honesty, and always to our mutual benefit and satisfaction."

Max Hussain

"This is to inform you that my clients are satisfied with the recent respect from Castex Energy, Inc. Rest assured you will be the first person we call should your services be needed in the future."

Eldon R. Harrall, Jr.
Counsel for Oak Estates Subdivision, et al, LLC

"I have personally dealt with, for weeks at a time, Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting and am pleased to say that I have found him to be very fair and honest. He is a very straight-forward and conscientious person. Even though I have many years of experience and success, he has made some beneficial suggestions for me which most likely will be profitable enough to make me thousands of future dollars while providing professional services for my very happy clients."

Suzanne Staha, Owner

"PR folks always boost their clients, and stay in the shadows... for money of course, but I added a line or two on myself to make my client happy!

In my 50 plus years in Public Relations, putting the spotlight on famous and not so famous people, I made it a practice to observe and learn from others. For example, handling the public relations of retired NFL coach Bum Phillips was a breeze. The man always knew what the right thing to do was, and he did it - Ditto people like Hall of Famers Earl Campbell, and Elvin Bethea as well as good players, and good people like Dante Pastorini, Carl Mauck, and Archie Manning to name a few. So, in my career, I have always marveled at the ingenuity of those in their manner of professionalism in accomplishing their tasks, and most especially the way they interact with others.

Bob Malone (Malone Petroleum Consulting) is a man who should write a "How To" business manual. His efficiency, integrity, professionalism, and congeniality combines to set a standard that people in the business world should attain. As a businessman, as the owner of a business, and as a gentleman, Bob Malone is the kind of client I would always be proud to represent."

Jack Cherry

"Bob Malone worked for me over a year and displayed a high degree of professional knowledge, energy and enthusiasm. He is a very honest and hard working man and will be a credit to any organization that is fortunate enough to have him."

K. L. Wiley
Vice President Accounting & Administration, Home Petroleum Corporation

"Bob Malone has unselfishly provided me with his oil & gas knowledge and business acumen, and gave me the best auditing training I have ever received. It has always been to my benefit to consult with Bob whenever I needed clarification on a particular matter or a greater understanding of auditing protocol. Not only is Bob an astute business colleague, but he is also a trusted friend."

Rob Ogletree
Principal, DAKAX Consulting Group

"I have known and personally had financial dealing with Bob Malone now for several years and I can easily say it was a very intelligent and beneficial move on our part to work with him. We were able to take a challenging negative and turn it into a very beneficial positive. He was very easy to talk with and answered all questions honestly. We were always treated fairly and with the highest of respect."


Janet H. Tuttle

"Robert P. Malone has worked in updating and refining the existing accounting department and has more than paid for himself in savings to this corporation. He has proven himself a valuable asset."

W. L. (Bill) Durr
Geology Director, Tiger Oil Company

"I have known Bob Malone since 1990 and know him to be an honest and hard working business man.

I had an office in the same building for People Opposed to Paddling Students or POPS. We work to abolish corporal punishment in schools and to educate parents to not spank their children. Hitting school children with boards is legalized child abuse. See"

Jimmy Dunne

"Ceramic Technologies innovates using advanced ceramic for the oilfield industry. MWD companies utilize the unique properties of ceramics to protect parts which wear out, e.g., poppets, main orifice, wear sleeves, bearings and tips made to last much longer. Any type of wear part can be enhanced for a much longer life and downtime cash savings.

Over the past years, I have had very successful dealings with Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting and wholeheartedly and enthusiastically can give him a positive testimonial and/or reference.

Specific questions can be sent by e-mail to for timely and professional replies."

Ceramic Technologies Inc. 1015 Redcedar Lane, Houston
TX 77094 / 281-556-8495 / 281-556-9244 fax

"Mr. Bob Malone worked with me in the completion of Joint venture, operational and financial audits. Mr. Malone was very conscientious and diligent in the performance of his work. Due to his efforts, our company has realized considerable savings and cost recoveries."

Vittoro D. Hunter
Damson Oil Corporation

"Robert P. Malone, in my personal opinion, has done a commendable job in preparing accounting records and analysis for my personal use. He has worked hard and diligently on many projects. I endorse Bob for his work, cooperation and initiative."

E. Wayne Rogers
V.P. and Chief Engineer, Tiger Drilling Company

"Robert P. Malone performance is exceptional, especially in areas which require immediate attention. His greatest assets are his pleasing personality, willingness to do and learn, and a desire to do his best. It is without hesitation that I list him as one of the most outstanding men I have ever had the occasion to work with and consider his potential to be unlimited."

Charles W. Stevens
Accounting & Finance Division

"I have known Mr. Robert P. Malone for years. My association with him has been pleasant and he has never given me the reason to doubt his integrity."

Benjamin W. Miller

"I have personally observed Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting in action for many years where he has easily made millions of dollars for companies. I have become keenly aware that he instinctively knows exactly where the weaknesses are in the accounting systems and thusly where the subsequent dormant errors and oversights will be inherently waiting. This allows him to diligently obtain significant recoveries for the benefit of his very pleased clients. Obviously, his many years of oil and gas industry experience gives him an enormous advantage allowing him to be on the cutting edge and contribute his profitable, value-added expertise for the benefit of his clients in performing in guaranteed high-loss areas, e.g., internal auditing, joint venture auditing, special projects and due diligence work."

Operations Accounting Manager, Apache Corporation

"Being located so far from the United States here in Australia and reporting to shareholders in a publicly listed environment it is good to know that Bob Malone is on our side and working with us. Bob is our number one choice for oil and natural gas project financial audits. He is a man of his word with extremely strong ethics and morals not to mention his attention to detail and tireless investigation in the recovery of funds for his clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bob Malone and his company to anyone looking to have the smoke and mirrors of the oil and gas industry cleared and removed so you can't obtain an unambiguous picture of your oil and gas investment."

Justin Pettett
CEO, Pryme Oil and Gas Limited

"My company has used the services of Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum in the past on more than one occasion and we have always been very pleased with the results. At one time we had a claim against an operator for substantial expenditures to the joint account without non-operators approval, for capital expenditures including lease automation, construction of new flow lines and gathering lines, for mature, stripper production which could not stand such investment. Bob Malone documented the problem and potential recovery which resulted in an easy out-of-court settlement. I would wholeheartedly endorse Bob Malone and Malone Petroleum."

Eugene L. Ames, Jr.
President and CEO, Venus Oil Company

"If you need a good joint interest auditor, Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting is a proven product! I have personally used and recommended Bob’s services."

Charles H. Read
Treasurer, Hamill Resources

"I have known Bob Malone for many years in COPAS and have found him to be truly creative and insightful. Based on his many years of experience and learning gained from a collective group of experts in COPAS where he has been professionally associated, I would highly recommend his services to any company or person wanting to gain true added value for their business growth and enrichment."

Homer Greene

"I have known Bob Malone and Malone Petroleum Consulting for many years mostly through our association at COPAS. I have also successfully consulted with Bob where great results were obtained for our client. Since he understands the true needs of our complicated business, he is a trusted and valued resource for delivering solid solutions. He has a rare combination of talents and he is truly an expert in his field."

Jim Farmer

"I have both: 1) used the services of Malone Petroleum Consulting and 2) have worked personally worked with Bob Malone and observed his skills for weeks on location in the past. It worked out very well for me and my company!"

Allen Bain
Manager, Petro Hunt

"As an expert geologist, having worked in the oil and gas industry for Chevron and Texaco, I have had a very enjoyable relationship with Bob for over 20 years; also, we worked on the same floor of the same downtown building for years! During all this time, I’ve never heard anything negative about Bob or his company. Bob Malone’s best asset is his positive attitude. We do mutually wish each other well!!"

Jack J. Pennington
Independent Geologist

"This is a reference for Malone Petroleum Consulting who helped my company win a challenging lawsuit against a multi billion dollar company! We very much appreciated the positive, successful and beneficial work they did."

Adel Sheshtawy
Chairman & CEO, Tri-Max Industries, Inc.

"Bob Malone supervised over 275 personnel on a Wake Island during a two year contract. During that time he quickly spotted three frauds that were obvious to him but were missed by us for years; he efficiently corrected them without prosecution or any form of punishment. It was amusing that there was a small communication challenge since Bob only knew any of his group by their first name and top management only knew them by their last name."

J.S. Dryer
Tom Skates, FMC

"I have known Bob Malone since he was a child where he grew up in a highly religious background with great parents who taught him all the necessary good values in life. Ultimately, he became our choir director for our church until he went on to college on a paid scholarship to further his education."

Reverend Earl Landtroop

"I am proud to say Bob Malone was one of my favorite students who learned very well from me and readily adopted one of my very favorite expressions to help mold his future: '1) sit tall, 2) stand tall, and 3) think tall!'"

Harry Barton
High school teacher

"Bob Malone made all A’s in my law classes. He was on the Dean’s Honor Roll and also was in our honorary society. Therefore, I recommended him for an honorary scholarship from a major oil company which he received; he was subsequently hired and trained by the same oil company."

Arvel Branscum
College professor

"It was many years ago that I first met Bob Malone who was attending a formal joint venture audit seminar in order to increase his oil and gas audit skills. In addition, I have personally watched and even trained this gentleman over the many years whether it was at a major oil company, at a COPAS joint interest meeting or his calling me for an expert opinion. Working with him was a pleasure since he is relaxed and has a very friendly personality, a sense of humor and a constant willingness to accommodate the needs of others. Over the years, he has become clearly recognized as an expert in his field."

Irby Hughes 713-781-5711

"I have known Bob Malone since 1981 and have found Bob to be very professional and knowledgeable about COPAS and joint interest accounting and audit. I found Bob is willing to expand his knowledge of oil and gas operations by learning about gas revenue accounting and auditing. I even worked with Bob on one of his audits of gas production, measurement and shrinkage problems."

Orville Miller
Gas Plant Accounting & Auditing

"Here is the copy of Crown’s Annual Report that you requested. The photo in which you are included turned out very nicely. Thank you again for all of your help on this matter."

Ann D. Stifler
Manager, Corporate Communications, Crown

"Bob made an extra effort to meet with INNEX when needed and discuss our unique situation. As a result of the initial meeting, Bob developed a work proposal that was designed specifically for our short term needs. Bob performed exceptionally well in the auditing and is well respected by our staff who traveled and worked with him on this project. INNEX is looking forward to developing a long term working relationship with Bob and his staff."

Jere Jay
President, INNEX Energy LLC.

From: Robert P Malone
To: Lauren
Subject: Report

Lauren ~
Good news!! Attached for your reading pleasure is the finished report!
I'm going to hold it for 2 or 3 hours in case your management wants any input.
It was very surprising to see that the dollars were so big.
Also, the potentially largest items are not even quantified.

Best regards and wishes,

"Oh my goodness!! Awesome job, Bob. Take a breather!!!"


"I have known Bob for over 20 years and I consider him to be one of the best auditors in the business. He always takes the time and effort to understand the client's needs so that the proper audit program is developed. His reports are thorough and well written and always yield results for the client. He has been actively involved in the COPAS professional society for almost 30 years working diligently to improve industry agreements and procedures. If you want results, Bob is the man to contact."

Mark W. Clarke
Manager, Benefits & Administration, Edge Petroleum Corporation

"Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting did some great, professional work for both me and Mr. John F. Riddel Jr. Also, it was interesting that I asked Bob to review the significant over-expenditures on a new house that I was having built. Bob told me in advance before he started the work: 1) who would be the guilty party, 2) the ownership of the bad company and 3) what the specific name of the bad company would be (which was unknown to anyone including myself)! He was 100% right! After, he was done, he also showed me how the costs were being inflated."

Kevin Millin

"Bob Malone is an accomplished auditor who has a unique way of thinking that separates him from many Oil and Gas Auditors. He quickly becomes a personal friend as well as a business associate. I would recommend Bob to any company seeking the services of a proven Oil and Gas Auditor."

Dexter Brown
Audit Manager, Stephens Production Company

"Thank you for visiting my family and home in Guatamala; I am looking forward to visiting you again in Houston. I would like to thank you for any help you can provide regarding my latest book: "La Historia de un Coronel" that I'm sending to you for release which included the resignation of President Arbenz and my work as Consul General of Guatamala in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, San Antonio and Belize."

Juan Mauricio Dubois
Consul General

"I have known Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting for over 25 years. During all that time I have personally observed him and watched him become an authority in his field. Also, I have been in COPAS with Bob Malone for many years where he has significantly contributed to the writing of beneficial COPAS publications and has been an important part of all the committees he has served on. Bob Malone's credentials are impeccable and he personifies the word professional."

Leon Viaclovsky
Joint Interest Manager, Transco Retiree

"I have been in COPAS with Bob Malone for many years where he has significantly contributed to the writing of beneficial COPAS publications - he even single-handedly authored the first COPAS index for all of the COPAS publications when he served as the publicity committee chairman. He was also the chairman of the audit committee which he doubled in size and he has been the longest active member on both the PASH Joint Interest and Audit committees. He has been on the membership and revenue committees for many years. He successfully convinced the Director of COPAS to allow advertising in order to help support COPAS. He recommended the automatic mailing of COPAS publications rather than have them set on the shelves waiting for orders from those unaware of their existence. It always a great please seeing Bob at our meetings since he always has a big smile, a handshake and a friendly "Howdy!" where business friends have become true personal friends. As always, I very much look forward to any and all of our future professional meetings and all beneficial relationships and camaraderie!!"

Bob Ball
Supervisor of Gas Plant Accounting, Amax Oil and Gas Inc.

"Consumers hire professional contractors and service companies primarily for their many years of experience, expertise and resulting knowledge. Knowledge distinguishes the true professional is unadulterated power - the power to inform, guide and help clients directly or indirectly achieve ultimate success. As a perfect example, we had the opportunity to work many years with Bob Malone and Malone Petroleum Consulting on special client challenges and critical needs. Malone has an impeccable business record for business savvy, service, reliability and work product based on what appeared to us to be an adventuresome, entrepreneurial spirit with an unshakable commitment towards maintaining a sound and unblemished service with the highest regard for compassion, honesty, integrity, sincerity and values. You have our highest regards."

Jomana Anouti
Media Advertising Group

"Bob Malone and the people at Malone Petroleum Consulting provided my firm very crucial and valuable information that was needed by me and the other Non-Operating Interest Owners to collect funds that were overcharged by an operator in a very complicated lawsuit. Therefore, it is without reservation that I highly recommend Malone Petroleum Consulting and their very professional services for any Non-Operator or any attorney requiring a competitive advantage. It is my position that if I ever have need for an audit or I have an issue on the JOA as to COPAS, Bob Malone will be my choice."

Theodore W. Baird
President and Partner, Echo Minerals, L.C.
8700 Crown Hill, Suite 202
San Antonio, TX 78209
210- 822-7279

"Thank you very much for expediting the project for us.  It was great working with you while you were here in Canada!"

Federica Petraschuk
Assistant Controller, JED Oil Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I wrote this from the bottom of my heart. Here is my testimony:
I came from Taiwan originally and I got my Master's degree from University of Houston. I worked for Bob when I was in school. I quickly learned that he is such a guy with lots of integrity that you can trust and he is just so good at what he is doing. He has been my mentor for my career. He is definitely someone I will use or recommend if I own my company or I have the power to decide which company to use."

Annie Wu, CPA

"I have known Bob Malone for years and have completed successful transactions with him which have resulted in positive outcomes; I have been very pleased in dealing with him. Working with Bob abundantly reminds me that honesty and integrity are still the most important cornerstones in our world - he sincerely cares about the well being of others as well as taking care of their important professional needs. Not only does Bob have an extensive scope of knowledge, he has a positive outlook on people and the world. Bob is definitely an optimist full of creativeness and boundless energy - which easily rubs off on others. Above all, Bob is very sincere in his desire for the personal success of others which is proven by going the extra mile and doing those extra things that can make a big difference in the overall desired results."

Shelly Epstein
Crown Industrial Ceramics

"I have known Bob Malone since were in school together. He was able to lift the whole class to success for the day by just being "good, ole happy Bob". He hasn't changed in all of that time. His gigantic personality remains with him. His drive to succeed still keeps some of us in the realm of success for ourselves. He never seems to give up and he definitely doesn't want anyone else to give up on themselves. There is nothing selfish about Bob, and his honesty is beyond reproach. When I hear from him, I know there will always be some type of inspiration, a smile and laughter. He will work for you and he will succeed if you give him just what he needs to do the job. His motto could very well be, 'A job well done.'"

Susan Bridge

From: Robert P Malone

This was a very large and almost impossible task which we were most surprisingly able to race through it in a very limited time without a loss of face. Since it was very complicated, I went ahead and spent the week end on it to get it out ASAP to you. For you, as investors, it was money very well spent. Everyone needs to put their thinking hats on.

Good luck,
Thanks, Bob"

From: Robert P Malone

"Did you faint yet?"

From: Kimberly Sturlese Seymour

"OMG! Just about. I think we are going to need to set up a call with you. Thanks!!"

Kimberly Sturlese Seymour
Orbit Energy Inc.

"I've worked directly side by side with Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting on very critical and sensitive projects. It was very obvious to me that he reflects my own beliefs with the highest of core values and integrity. He is always kind, honest and has always dealt fairly with me in all our business relationships. In life, there are always choices of many alternatives, however, as he says, quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high moral intentions, positive thought processes, skillful execution, intelligent direction and always a very sincere and conscientious effort for the best possible results. I have told Bob that I very much look forward working with him in the future and learning more from the obvious industry expert. Our last report done by Malone Petroleum Consulting was for over $1 million dollars with the potential of another million dollars in recoveries - it is very rare for anyone in the oil and gas industry to have recoveries this significant!"

Donna Durham

"Bob is a relentless auditor."

Tommy Taylor
President, Snowmass Energy Partners LTD

"I was overly focused on my family's situation and composing the questions. I really appreciate you answering with specifics. Please post my testimonial for the benefit of HELPING OTHERS needing your expertise and help. If possible, I would hope it will return in kind the gracious guidance and treatment you have provided me. Bob, you have been a tall tower casting a brilliant light for those in a fog to recalculate their location and headings. I will always remember your unsurpassed genuine concern for me and my family. Now then, I've hopefully met my real objective of expressing my utmost gratitude to you."

"P.S. You warrant heroic status sir!!! Take care, my friend."

Steve Knoll
Royalty owner

"I am a Petroleum Engineer with over 40 years of experience and I am the Texas Court Appointed Receiver for an independent oil company. The company owns a group of producing wells that are being operated by a third party contract operator.

In the course of managing the company it became necessary to hire a Professional Auditor to examine the Joint Interest Billings and Joint Operating Agreement to confirm what I suspected as erroneous billings.

I was referred to Mr. Bob Malone of Malone Petroleum Consulting. I met with Mr. Malone and supplied him with the data I had available.

Mr. Malone then performed a complete audit of the JIB's and JOA and was able to uncover a little over $250,000 in erroneous and wrongful billings.

Without Mr. Malone's experience and professionalism the amount of wrongful billings would have been much less. And due to his experience the audit was performed in a very timely manner at a very reasonable cost.

I would highly recommend Mr. Malone for any level of auditing of Joint Interest Billings."

Clay Sylvester
Petroleum Engineer

"I haven't found anyone that can really help me here and I certainly don't want to fall into the category of doing homework after damage has been done!

I will send you documents for the deals I have been researching.

I've found many good things about you online - you've built quite a reputation for honesty, integrity and experience - exactly what I've been looking for."

Nick DiSantis

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