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Oil and Gas Negotiations

Robert Malone is certified in negotiation and recommends acquiring as much information as possible in advance for a successful negotiation. Before negotiating, both parties should have a realistic idea of what they want to achieve and what they cannot accept. Timing for the negotiations can be critical. Research can many times provide valuable information which can allow you to be able to understand and satisfy the needs of both parties by focusing on interests - instead of positions - in order to find out what will work for both parties. This allows the negotiator to make their points as clear as possible by showing the other party how the deal will benefit both of them. Also, it is wise to show what each party stands to lose if a fair agreement is not reached. Robert Malone likes the enjoyable strategy of both parties thinking and working together on a positive basis in order to create a solution that is better than both of them had initially envisioned. Negotiations can be very creative by adding in attractive incentives that will seal the deal. Simplifying is always an advantage since it removes darkness and provides a lighted pathway towards resolution.

If possible, a valuable, long-term relationship can be obtained. Since the negotiation procedure should be a positive process for collaboration & cooperation instead of competition, fair rules should be agreed upon in advance with which the negotiation will be conducted since a lot more can be accomplished by cordial and positive people. The negotiators must be in a position of authority to sign off on any agreement. The parties should be able to meet and get acquainted before sitting down to negotiate. There should be only one meeting for resolution instead of the endless, futile meetings - this means everyone should come prepared to compromise and ready to make a decision. Motives should be honest; positions should be clear and the desired outcome should be unmistakable. A solution that will work for both parties should achieved so that both parties feel satisfied taking the valuable outcome back home. If the parties have reached a favorable result, then they should leave the deal alone and sign the contract instead of pushing and upsetting the entire deal. There is no such thing as a final offer and nobody should feel they have been cheated since it can always come back to bite you.

Negotiation in the classic diplomatic sense significantly improves when parties are anxious to agree on a fair resolution.

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