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Litigation Services and Support

As a professional courtesy, no names of plaintiff and defendant companies have been provided in order to protect the identity of our clients; however, a description, as well as additional detail, is offered as an insight to our complicated industry.

Malone Petroleum Consulting (MPC) has been selected for their extensive experience in and commitment to providing effective expert witness and major litigation support services. MPC has been involved in numerous legal cases providing expert services for primarily numerous oil and gas companies. MPC can help by providing quality advice and assistance, with complete confidentiality. MPC offers major litigation services to include: developing case strategies, forensic accounting, fraud examination, dispute services, fact finding and analysis, discovery, trial preparation, assistance in preparation for and examination of witnesses at depositions and in court; expert testimony settlement, expert witness testimony for effective mediation, negotiation, arbitration or conquest in the courtroom.

Our special expertise allows the lawyers to spend more effective time in fully understanding and presenting the issues. We encourage complete and practical preparation necessary for effective discovery and presentations.

With our extremely high success, we continue to expand our areas of legal support as the petroleum industry changes. In this way, we are better able to service our clients. MPC's forensic accounting services can provide invaluable assistance in determining the cause and extent of fraud, fraud detection and prevention, investigation and resolution of fraud allegations, evidence gathering and compilation, expert reports/analysis, and expert testimony. Often, litigation and other types of business negotiations involve complex matters that require specialized joint interest knowledge as related to the meaning, intent and propriety of AFE's, letter agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, COPAS Accounting Procedures, related contracts and only a partial list of related documents and items below:

Abandonment, acid jobs, advances, affiliates, allocating methods, audits, bankruptcy, bits, blowouts, boats, carried working interests, casing, casing head gas, CEPS, communications, completion, computers, condensate, conflict of interest, construction, consultants, contract violations, crude oil, daily drilling reports, damages quantified, delay rentals, delivery tickets, discounts, disposition, drilling, ending inventories, environmental, equipment, excessive costs, exploration, facilities, farm-outs and farm-ins, frac jobs, fraud, fuel, gas, gas balancing, goods and services charged and not delivered, government reports, helicopters, industry practice, insurance claims, invoices, joint interest billings, journal entries, kickbacks, labor, legal, location, LOE, materials, material transfers, mud, non-consent, offshore, oil, onshore, overcharges, overhead, payouts, pipeline, plant products, plugging, pricing, production, refinery, removal of operator, revenue, royalties, subsidiaries, supervision, tenants in common, tour reports, transportation, tubing, twenty-four month limitation, unleased owners in Louisiana, working interests, and workovers.

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