Malone Petroleum Consulting



Oil and Gas Litigation Experience Provides Critical Expertise

Extensive Litigation Experience

  1. 1983 Investigation Worked with Clyde Wilson Investigators Wall Street Journal, page 1
  2. 1985 Audit Assist Taking Deposition High JIB expenses, low revenue
  3. 1986 Audit Settled successfully Lawsuit after audit performed
  4. 1986 Audit Deposed 24 month limit attempt on revenue
  5. 1988 Investigation Sensitive audit O&G operator for estate
  6. 1989 Audit - complicated Worked with Scott, Douglass & Luton Electrification without AFE; settled
  7. 1990 Audit - complicated Expert witness, deposed, arbitration, court Hostile operator environment
  8. 1990 Audit - complicated Tubular buyback arrangement High casing costs for Operator's deal w/vendor
  9. 1990 Consultant Alleged blowout from wellhead
  10. 1991 Investigation Investor unhappy with operator's accounting
  11. 1992 Arbitration Expert witness (w/training); arbitration Operator used own subsidiaries
  12. 1992 Consultant WI lost based on 24 month limit Operator used own subsidiaries
  13. 1992 Audit Offset claims; settled successfully
  14. 1992 Audit Casing collapsed; well damaged Audit in Vancouver, Canada
  15. 1993 Audit Attorney representing British investor
  16. 1993 Simplify case Expert witness, deposed, settled Non-consent, but no expenditures
  17. 1994 Audit - complicated Unleased owner in Texas (tenants in common) Payout review; excessive gas line loss
  18. 1994 Forensic accounting Vendor overcharges Goods charged, but not delivered
  19. 1994 Investigation Building contractor overcharges Contractor used own subsidiaries
  20. 1994 Insurance evaluation Expert witness, deposed; settled Geo suffered water damage
  21. 1995 Audit - complicated WI practice of suing operators Based on system can not be audited.
  22. 1995 Audit Investor offered small money for well interest
  23. 1995 Forensic accounting Worked with Fulbright & Jaworski Operator not paying; vendor suing
  24. 1995 Consultant State of LA claim on Texaco condensate State dropped claim
  25. 1997 Forensic accounting Brother suspected Executrix Very complicated wills w/many assets
  26. 1997 Forensic accounting Expert witness, deposed, mediation Similar to #172 with different working interests
  27. 1997 Consultant Unleased owners in Louisiana Law: "detailed, itemized drilling costs"
  28. 1998 Consultant Worked with Burr & Foreman Taurus leased coal bed gas rights from US Steel
  29. 1998 Consultant Payout costs appeared to be manipulated Result was money in operator's pocket.
  30. 1998 Audit - complicated Different interpretation of lease terms WI ownership converted at payout.
  31. 1998 Consultant Drilling costs excessive; contract violations Operator knowingly did many contract violations
  32. 1999 Consultant JOA contract violations used to not share profits Statute of limitations encourages operator theft
  33. 1999 Forensic accounting Merrill Lynch contract was without conscience Statements could not be understood by CPA
  34. 1999 Audit Complicated loan made; bankruptcy followed Resolved by attorneys
  35. 1999 Consultant Confidential - multi-million dollar exposure Complicated
  36. 2005 Audit Operator refuses to pay WI for exceptions. Operator counter sues to bypass 24 months' limit.
  37. 2000 Audit Client sued by WI for contract violations Audited plaintiff who immediately settled
  38. 2000 Audit payout Working interests sold surface rights for building Operator claimed minerals sold - became case law
  39. 2004 Audit Investor claims Operator cheated him. Operator sues; ignoring that the investor is dieing.
  40. 2001 Independent opinion Operator conflict of interest with investor funds Impossible return on investor's funds
  41. 2002 Audit unauthorized charges JOA not filed in Louisiana (tenants in common) Operator making unauthorized charges to WI
  42. 2001 Replaced Arthur Anderson Operator circumvented Judge's order Prior auditors failed to discover circumvention
  43. 2001 Vendor audit Vendor overcharges (Fulbright & Jaworski) Vendor sued for payment of impossible charges
  44. 2001 Vendor audit Vendor overcharges (Fulbright & Jaworski) Vendor sued for payment of inflated charges
  45. 2002 Audit Client sued Operator for an accounting Settled favorably
  46. 2002 Audit Non-consent dispute Non-operator non-consent on problem well.
  47. 2004 Audit JOA expenditure limitation Operator invoices exceeded contractual limit.
  48. 2003 Fraud Investor comes in house on the pretense to help Investor creates Operator bankruptcy for takeover
  49. 2003 Fraud Investor comes in house on the pretense to help Investor creates Operator bankruptcy for takeover
  50. 2004 Audit Imprudent Actions of Operator Operator ignored WI and made poor, failure choices
  51. 2005 Due diligence Operator changed verbal agreement in contractual Operator bought by WI; 2nd WI continued to pursue.
  52. 2005 Audit & Insurance Disagreement on Operatorship Review of charges and insurance claims
  53. 2005 Consultant JOA billing dispute Poss. case law where JOA must be filed @ court house
  54. 2005 Deposition Deposition given for Fulbright & Jaworski Client indemnified operator/seller to remove them.
  55. 2005 Negotiation Operator demand for Non-Operator payment Negotiated a great settlement.
  56. 2006 Payouts Operator snubbed WI who sued for cooperation. Operator accounting system slanted against WI's
  57. 2006 Geological Geologist signed contract, but operator didn't. Operator tried to keep geologist info without payment.
  58. 2006 Testifying expert Operator was able to stall lawsuit about 10 years. Case settled favorably.
  59. 2006 Testifying expert Secret production handling agreement Operator refused to pay Non-Operators rightful share.
  60. 2006 Vendor v. operator Operator wanted payment from vendor for loss. Operator overstated claim; audited & greatly reduced
  61. 2007 Vendor v. operator Operator wanted payment from vendor for loss. Operator overstated claim; audited & greatly reduced
  62. 2007 Vendor v. operator Operator wanted payment from vendor for loss. Operator overstated claim; audited & greatly reduced
  63. 2007 Vendor v. operator Operator is new & is charging much more. Meeting with attorneys & WI owners to address issues.
  64. 2007 Audit Operator intentionally allowed good well to expire. Operator stole well from investors.
  65. 2007 Audit Audit for intented lawsuit. Operator unethical non-payment to vendors.
  66. 2007 Expert witness Expenses exceeding the revenue Attempt to have same issue tried in court twice
  67. 2007 Audit Audit documents The case has settled.
  68. 2007 Audit Audit documents Non-Operator stopped paying JIB's
  69. 2007 Audit Audit documents Lawsuit in progress.
  70. 2008 non-consent issues Disputed charges The case has settled.
  71. 2008 Operator Attorney researching operator fraud on investors Attorney backed down.
  72. 2008 Expert witness Review documents Non-Operator not paying bills
  73. 2008 Audit 1st Chinese drilling rig to US failed. negotiations for a potential resolution
  74. 2008 Review documents Operator failure to develop lease Leaseholder wants lease cancelled
  75. 2008 Revenue payments Worked with Operator to resolve issue overpayment of royalty had to be recouped
  76. 2008 Audit Audit documents Non-Operator stopped paying JIB's
  77. 2008 Advice to lease owner Met with client & made recommendations Lawsuit against operator dropped.
  78. 2009 Audit Operator overcharges Operator gave substantial credits.
  79. 2009 Audit WI did bankruptcy; operator wants paid Audited charges
  80. 2012 Audit Non-operators refusal to pay JIB costs Furnished documentation supporting receivables
  81. 2010 Royalty Royaltiy owner sued for royalties Ended lawsuit by proving payments were all paid.
  82. 2010 Audit Operator charged legal charges Contract requires permission to charge
  83. 2010 Massive Fraud Operator cheating ORRI Shocking results - confidential
  84. 2011 Royalty Operator refuses to honor assignment Calculation of assignment value.
  85. 2011 Fraudulent Inducement Conflict of interest Set up investor company investing in his company
  86. 2012 Tenants in Common Operator treated accounting as JOA Conflict of interest
  87. 2013 Fraudulent Inducement Unrecorded property interests Multiple overlapping leases sold for the same location.
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