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We are not authorized to represent Oil and Gas Review Non-Participants

Review Non-Participant in the Joint Account

Non-operators have the right to not participate in a review of the Joint Account for various reasons, e.g., they assume, correctly or incorrectly, that the cost will exceed the benefit; or they assume unethically that there is no need to pay their fair share of review costs since the Operator will probably pass them credit anyway. In any case, based on the contract, i.e., COPAS Accounting Agreement, page 1, under the Adjustment paragraph: The statements "...shall conclusively be presumed to be true and correct..."unless "...a Non-Operator takes written exception thereto and makes claim on Operator for adjustment."

Therefore, if Non-Operators do not participate in obtaining recoveries, we are not authorized to represent them and we do not request any adjustment for them. However, we, not them, can reserve the right to take exception for them in case we are able in some manner to subsequently arrange for their participation in order to lower the review cost for all participants. Exception should be taken to revenue if it was not completely audited.

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