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Joint Venture Audits, Joint Interest Audits & JOA Audits Assure TRUST

A Joint Interest Audit IS A Joint Venture Audit

Joint Interest Audits are critical in resolving your concerns for overcharges, issues and problems. It also serves to protect you and your investment. Once you invest your money with an operator, many times they are done with you – the courtship is over. You have a responsibility to yourself, your company and your investors to assure their money is spent within the terms of the agreements. An audit will give you the satisfaction that you have taken the appropriate action to improve the return on your investment. You have a job to do and we have a job to do. We can take your challenge from cradle to grave - blindfolded. Sometimes it is simply a matter of principle or just good business. Many companies audit everything due to the obvious, rapidly-declining ethics we are seeing every day.

With over forty years of experience, we don't waste time searching for potential recoveries - we already know where they will be. You certainly don’t want and inexperience auditor to miss the largest recoveries that were due to you – don’t send a schoolboy. Large firms are forced to provide inexperienced auditors. We are intentionally small to maintain quality. We're so confident in our abilities that we have a standing challenge to any company or individual that we can find more recoveries than anyone else in the industry. Due to our acknowledged expertise, we have been approached by the largest audit firms in the world and we have been asked to consider employment with as a full partner. Our commitment is to provide value for you, which includes as many by-products as possible. Our firm is highly efficient and cost effective, minimizing the overall net cost with the primary objective of producing extraordinary returns on your investment. There is no need to search for price since everyone charges the exact same price. That leaves you a choice of quality. We can deliver you the highest quality services within agreed budgets and deadlines. At the same time, we will promote and adhere to the highest standards of business ethics, confidentiality and integrity pertaining to our work. As your personal ambassador and advisor, our core principles are always to be leaders in our field, providing sole-source value while conducting our business with honesty and transparency.

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