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Our office is located on the west side of Houston, Texas and we pride ourselves in servicing clients throughout the world

Houston is recognized as the capital of the oil and gas industry and logically has the absolute, best-available, specialized, industry expertise in the world, especially for joint venture audits, payout audits, production handling audits, revenue audits, royalty audits and vendor audits. This recognized advantage and qualified perception has proven to repeatedly bestow the necessary confidence and gracious loyalty among our firm's oil and gas clients, both locally and internationally, to those who need our help.

We eagerly await your call or e-mail.

Malone Petroleum Consulting
12651 Briar Forest Drive - Suite 165
Houston, TX 77077 USA

Phone: (281) 531-1500

The oilfield is the cash register. Why ignore millions of YOUR dollars?
To be safe, let us audit your expenses, revenues and royalties for you.

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