Malone Petroleum Consulting



Oil and Gas Acquisitions & Due Diligence Audits Shouldn't be Rushed


We probably have accumulated more due diligence check lists than most. The first thing we like to do is to make sure all of us, e.g., land and accounting, are coordinated and working together as a unit instead of working separately, many times performing duplicate work. Normally, we all are trying to get our arms around the assets, like an accurate count of producing and non-producing wells and the respective monthly production for each well.

We can provide you and your company our support over the lifecycle of your deal, on either the buy-side or sell-side as part of your valuable team by fully understanding your objectives and all aspects of the deal, minimizing and managing risk, tailoring our services to your specific needs and circumstances. Whether a deal is large or small, simple or complex, we can help your acquisition reach its full potential. We can handle a combination of due diligence, accounting, business, market, and technical expertise while looking below the surface of a deal at myriad factors to see what is to your advantage and what will not work in your best interest. With both breadth and depth of knowledge, we help you to keep the deal momentum moving forward towards an optimum successful acquisition. Overall, we provide due diligence and strategy advice since achieving success takes a practical and executable approach along with planning and focus that helps to eliminate any chance of unnecessary surprises like an expensive gas well where the seller's gas balance will not allow you to ever get paid in the future. It is critical to obtain as much information as possible since there is no leverage after the deal is over. One of the most important phases we must perform is making certain there is an accurate cut off of expenditures.

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