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Oil and Gas Consulting Publications

COPAS Publications

As, chairman of the COPAS/PASH audit and publicity committees - and most likely the longest standing member on the three major COPAS/PASH committees: audit, joint interest and revenue,

  • Initiated COPAS Interpretation #16 - Operator and Related Facilities 10-22-1986
  • Initiated COPAS Interpretation #19 - Discounts 9-14-1988.
  • Initiated COPAS Interpretation #21 - Documentation Supporting Joint Interest Expenditures 2-14-1990.
  • Solely authored the FIRST COPAS index April 1989 of all COPAS publications.
  • Co-authored the FIRST Canadian index April 1989 of all PASC publications
  • Solely produced the COPAS bulletin #4 April 1997 (all prior COPAS accounting procedures).
  • Solely produced for publication April 1997 (all prior AAPL model form operating agreements).

Industry Publications

Robert P. Malone was trained by a major oil company. While working for this company, he researched and wrote a professional 186 page book based on oil field operations which included:

  • 34 pages – Lease maintenance and operations
  • 43 pages – Production foreman
  • 44 pages – Test engineer
  • 59 pages – Drilling foreman
  • 06 pages – Glossary of various types of interests
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